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No one here, but me...

Wow!... what a freaking lonely, and sad life i lead
i should just become a nun... at least i would have God then... hmmmm

Well, i figured, that nobody but me reads this stupid thing... so why not the hell write whatever i want to!
~I fucking hate my sister for stealing away my best friend
~I'm fucking starting to hate my best friend for going with her and not me
~I'm fucking ugly
~I'm fucking sick and tired of lesbians being the only ones to hit on me
~I'm fucking sick of clues as to which why i should get a sex change
~I'm fucking sick of money problems
~I'm fucking sick of my sister using my stuff and not helping to pay for them
~I'm fucking sick of my turtles not eating (hey, they are all that i got... i have to keep them alive, for theirs and my sake!)
~I fucking can't get a hold of my best friend... which i would dearly love to talk to... which i need to
~I fucking hate my major, because people don't take me seriously, being an artist, they don't think that i have any fucking intelect.

... and all these add up to my pitiful life... where i am not strong enough to tell people how i feel, except i make them all feel like shit with my burst-outs and neglecting.
~I need a fucking dermatologist visit... i fucking hate my skin
~I need a fucking boyfriend... before i do get a sex change... damn, it's coming close...
~I need some fucking respect!
~I need someone close, because my fucking sister is doing a poor job at being a fucking sister!!!
~I need a new fucking best friend here... because, one that i haven't introduced to my sister, so she can't steal them too!
~I need...
a lot more...
because i hate myself, and i wish i could fucking die... but there is some christian belief in me, and i don't need to rot forever and burn in hells fires...
that would fucking suck.

~Right now, i need a fucking response from my friend... about the email i sent him
~Right now, i need a fucking hug
~Right now, i need to fucking cry... because tears somehow make it all seem better...
damn too much pent up inside...
I'm about to burst... go postal... but all i have is a pair of nail clippers

skin is so fragile... and i can see all my veins underneith
damn, where is that hug...
oh yeah, that's right, my fucking sister is at work, and when she comes back, she will go right to my fucking best friend, and they may just fuck!
and that's all good for them!

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