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yes, i watched the 13 episodes of Hellsing in one night...
the characters... personalities... were definitelly lacking, there was no evolution throughout the story whatsoever... but i loved the character designs...
at least the "police girl" sera (i think her name, something like that), was not an annoying lil' high pitched big breasted (well, she was rather well-endowed) dimwit... her and alucard, i liked the most. the boss woman!, oh, my! she was so annoying! i don't know why, but she just was like nails on a chalkboard to me... hee hee
the quality was really really good... though, i wouldn't say better than Yami no Matsuei, which was 13 episodes too, and then you have Full Metal Alchemist, which is 51 episodes, and is excelent quality!
THE SOUNDTRACK, hee hee, i downloaded that night, i love the music! yes, i can't quite describe it, i don't know what to call it, but i definitelly recommend it, even if you don't wanna see the anime.

no story really, but STYLE... hee hee
though i won't give any of it away... though, there really isn't much to give away...
they never really find who is making the fake ("freak") vampires... they seem to give up on that plot, and suddenly this weird looking vampire from the east comes in, and i'm questionable on why he is there and stuff... oh, well.

the japanese... i actually liked the english voice actors better, definitelly seemed to fit in the setting, being in London. Alucard's voice in japanese and english, i loved in both esspecially though, hee hee.

hmmmm, my next series, hopefully be "Wolf's Rain"... can't seem to find it with english subtitles, but i know it's out there somewhere, hee hee

Oh, i also watched a movie called "Equilibrium"... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Christian Bale would have played a soooo much better Neo. hee hee

well, i have class soon, bye bye
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