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Hmmmmm... Connie again

well... connie and chrono are soon to be going happily to Hong Kong...
she is his little bitch, and i'm glad i'm not the only one that sees that

today i was walking behind them, and she has a thing now about not letting the sun touch her toooo much, so she put the hood of her coat over her face, and chrono guided her down the sidewalk
stupid bitch... i hope she fucking gets pregnant

i have a roommate...
Zhao's sister,
things were a bit rough in the beginning... but now stuff is working out i guess... i hope for long

i just love how little connie cares about the family, how little she cares about me... she really doesn't fucking care about me at all... those times that i cried, she would try and lift me up... said she would be there for me.... but lately, she has been soooo moody and bitchy... like constant PMS... anything i say, she says "what"... and acts like it is tiresome just to reply....

tonight i hopefully will be watching "Signs" with angel and probably andy... i don't want her to come over... and i will say that to her face...
i'm not just a fucking moron... i'm not going to let myself feel like i need her to continue to live!

i'm starting to like nicky more and more... mainly just her attitude... she still does things that annoy me, like mentioning how much something cost for her and the like... but hey, she is kinda good.

i hope that i can make it after i graduate...
with art
with a job...

bye bye
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